Frequently Asked Questions

What will I pay for a consultation at Ryan & Ryan Attorney at Law?

 At Ryan & Ryan consultations are free for Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, and Social Security Disability cases. We represent clients on a contingency basis, which means our fees are a percentage of the final proceeds of a case. To schedule a conversation with lawyer Bill Ryan, call 269-381-0142 or email, [email protected]. There is no obligation.

Do nationally advertising disability firms provide the best representation?

In many cases, national firms and lawyers who advertise disability cases will not provide the office conferences, personal appearances, and effective representation provided by a local experienced attorney familiar with the administrative law judges where your case may be filed.

Will you answer my questions clearly?

Since 1932, Ryan & Ryan has helped thousands of injured people and their families. We are here to answer your questions about: Worker’s Compensation for injured workers, auto accident claims, wrongful death claims involving dangerous premises injuries such as slip-and-falls and Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits

Can I trust your law firm to fight for my rights?

Ryan & Ryan Law believes in helping you, our clients, with solid and aggressive legal support and advice with genuine compassion and empathy. We have decades of experience serving people like you in Kalamazoo, Coldwater, and throughout southwest Michigan.

What is the most reliable method of finding the best attorney for me and my family?

It may be a combination of a referral from other attorneys or clients, the attorney’s established reputation, and from a personal interview/consultation with the attorney (not a “runner” who solicits business from police reports!). Do not be “hustled” into retaining an attorney when you are still traumatized by your injury. Responsible and professional attorneys do not pressure or hurry your important decision.

How do I know if Ryan & Ryan is the right choice?

Ryan & Ryan is selective in the cases it handles. Likewise, you should be selective in your choice of attorneys. A personalized, intimate approach sets Ryan & Ryan apart from heavily-advertised, larger law firms.

What if I wait to pursue a claim?

There are strict time limits on filing claims/lawsuits in Michigan. In Wrongful Death cases the time limits are established by the type of wrongful action causing death, typically three years and in some cases two years. In automobile injures the time limits for certain No Fault recoveries are one year from the auto crash and three years for the claim against a negligent party. In most other personal injury cases the time limit for filing suit is three years. In medical malpractice cases, the time limit is two years from the malpractice. And there is also a two-year time limit for claims based on intentional assault/injury cases. However, the time limits for filing civil lawsuits involve complicated statutes and court rules and, therefore, consultation with an attorney specializing in injury cases is advised.

How about those “TV lawyers”?

One thing is certain about the “TV lawyers”; they are committed to aggressive advertising. It is not certain whether they are dedicated to a close relationship with their clients, whether they provide the best communication and legal knowledge, whether they are familiar with local courts, and whether they will be “with” you in your fight for your rights.

How are damages assessed monetarily?

The availability of “damages”, financial recovery, depends on the type of claim. In wrongful death cases, recoverable damages are the pain and suffering of the deceased victim prior to death, the “loss of society and companionship” suffered by the victim’s family members who survive, the medical costs in treating the injury, and wage loss suffered by the victim’s dependent family members. In personal injury cases, available damages include pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of wages and wage-earning capacity, past present and future. Workers compensation recoveries include medical costs, lost wages and, in some cases, vocational rehabilitation. Social Security Disability benefits include monthly disability payments and Medicare coverage.

How can I trust that my case will be skillfully handled and settled?

A primary focus of your initial consultation about your case with Ryan & Ryan is an evaluation of your claim and an assessment of its merits. Ryan & Ryan would not move forward with a case if it did not believe there were a reasonable opportunity to win a judgement. To further put clients at ease is the fact that there is no cost to the client for that initial consultation and assessment. Second, Ryan & Ryan’s fees are based solely on a successful resolution for the client—no attorney fees are charged unless there is a financial settlement for your case.

Am I better off going with a large law firm to handle my case?

In legal matters, the size of a law firm is not the most compelling advantage. Rather, the full/personal attention you receive from the lawyer handling your case and the skill and experience that lawyer brings is the essential factor in client satisfaction. Often, especially for large law firms, cases are assigned to a pool of staff attorneys—some of whom may be early in their career practice. Routine cases are frequently handled by junior counsel rather than the firm’s “top lawyers.” At Ryan & Ryan, attorney Bill Ryan works personally with clients from day one through resolution. That is not just a promise, it is a core principle as to how Ryan & Ryan practices law. Ryan & Ryan has represented thousands of clients for more than eighty years—over those years and all of those cases, Ryan & Ryan has gained both experience and a renowned reputation for the work it does on behalf it its clients.