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Workers' Compensation

Michigan law provides wage loss benefits, medical coverage and vocational rehabilitation to injured workers and their families.  The worker's compensation laws are based on a "no fault" system whereby benefits are paid by the employer and its insurance company regardless of whether the employer was at fault for the injuries.  However, employers and the insurance companies often dispute the fact that the injury occurred on the job, or that the injury has caused any disability.  They often employ doctors who are trained to blame any physical problems on "degenerative conditions of the aging process" rather than the results of the injury or conditions of the job.  Many disputed cases are "settled" by a "redemption of liability" which releases the

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employer of all past, present and future liability.  Such settlements may have significant effects on the worker's rights to employment and/or disability benefits available through the Federal government or private insurance contracts.


New changes in the definition of "disability" place importance on the injured worker continually seeking work even while being treated and even while off work from the original job. Ryan & Ryan has specialized in worker's compensation cases since 1932 and has gained a reputation for knowledgeable, effective advocacy for injured workers in Southwest Michigan.



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