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Working since 1932

Since 1932

Philosophy On Insurance Recoveries:

When insurance companies sell liability policies to auto owners, property owners and employers, they promise to pay damages and compensation which the law requires.  Increased profits to the companies and their stockholders result when claims are denied.  Some claims, of course, should be denied.  Many claims which are denied should not be.  Those denials are "broken promises."

Since 1932, the firm of Ryan & Ryan has helped injury victims and their families collect the lawful compensation and damages they deserve.


At Ryan & Ryan, we have never represented insurance companies, but we work with responsible insurers and their adjusters whose desire it is to pay fairly and without delay.  We attack those insurers and their adjusters who delay claims, who hire unscrupulous doctors to support their decisions to deny claims, and who attempt to take advantage of injury victims and their families at the most vulnerable of times in their lives.


We at Ryan & Ryan are known for being honest with our adversaries.  More importantly, we are honest and straightforward with the most important people in any injury case - our clients.  Injured persons and their families deserve to hear the straight truth, unvarnished and unexaggerated, as they move through the trauma of injury and litigation.


You can consult Ryan & Ryan to find out how to proceed with your case. Our attorney will fight for the rights of the disabled, the injured motorist, and the injured worker.  Our law firm has been in business since 1932 serving the people of Kalamazoo and Coldwater, Michigan. Call our Toll Free number 1(888)-SEERYAN today!

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